Epic Effect

Water Based Make Up - Grey

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Epic Effects Grey Water Colour contains 20 ml of deep-pigmented, pale grey make-up. Grey has a lot of applications on aging, scarring, illness effects and is a great colour for undeads. It is also great for highlights or shades, or when designing fantastic creatures. Epic Effect colours provide great cover of the skin as well as on several other materials such as foam latex or natural fabrics. It is also highly resistant to perspiration and can be reinforced even further by sealing a finished make-up with Epic Effects Setting Spray. The colour is excellent for face painting, but can be used all over the body - including delicate skin - and will provide good colouring effects on beards, hair and moustaches. The Grey Water Colour contains loads of pigment and delivers a lot of mileage in a small tin. In addition the colour dries matt, reducing the need to post-treat make-ups and powdering. Wash with mild soap and lukewarm water to remove.