Latex weapons and shields need special care to maximise their lifespan.

All latex goods should be regularly treated with silicon spray. Spray the silicon onto a cloth, and then rub the silicon into all latex surfaces. This helps to keep the latex supple, reducing the likelihood of it drying out, sticking, cracking or peeling. You can never use too much silicone.

Latex items should be stored in a dry, cool place. Never leave them somewhere like a hot car. Don’t store them touching each other or against other items they may stick to. If items do become stuck they can often be gently pealed apart, but this can lead to damage so it’s best to avoid getting into this situation if possible. Silicon may help in separating stuck latex items. Latex weapons can be stored wrapped in bubble wrap or other plastics that they will not stick to.

Foam items may suffer dents if they are stored or transported with objects pressing against them. Don’t stack things on top of foam weapons.

Avoid getting latex items wet where possible, and dry them as soon as possible if they do become damp. Do not use water to clean latex items, instead wipe them with a cloth until they are dry and most dirt has been removed, and then rub them with silicon on a cloth to remove any mud that remains stuck.

The latex weapons sold by Paddywhack are not intending for stabbing with, they are only for slashing attacks. Avoid leaning these weapons on their tips, as this can damage them and make them less safe. Rest them flat or on their pommel when putting them down. Before engaging in combat, check that the tip is intact. If the tip of the rod inside the weapon feels like it has become loose inside the foam or is protruding, the weapon can no longer be used. Such damaged weapons can be dangerous.