It’s been a long and tiring day in the brutal heat. You’ve suffered through a mighty battle, and saw several of your comrades fall on a bloody field. As you finally return to your camp, sweat pouring down your forehead, you pull out your Tripod Stool to take a break.

You have the freedom to sit where you like, and you take care to find some shade. Now all you need is some time to recover.


Epic Armoury’s Tripod Stool is inspired by the historical camp stool. Made to be easily transportable and lightweight, sling this stool over your shoulder or pack using the leather strap fitted to one of the wooden legs. There are three 55 cm poles that serve as the legs, each fitted together with brass screws on flat, brass rivets. The triangular leather seat is 32 cm wide.

Conveniently fold up and store the Tripod Stool when not in use. This stool is neutral and can be used in almost any setting or genre.


  • Historically used for over 2,000 years
  • Folding chairs became incredibly popular during the Middle Ages