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Roman Tunic - Epic Black

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The Roman Tunic is a light design meant to be worn under more expressive garments like togas or armour. The cut is neutral and can be used for any social class, and even double for Greek or Persian designs, though the length is that of a soldier's tunic. The tunic reaches from the shoulders to the knees. It has a large boat neck and is adorned along the shoulder and down the arms with bands in black-and-gold. The sleeves are cut just above the elbows. The tunic is made from soft and comfortable, black cotton and sewn with tabs at the hem. The Roman Tunic is an versatile item that can be a costume all by itself or form the basis of more complicated costumes. The Tunic is fully compatible with other Epic Armoury armours and costumes and with its classic design and neutral style it will fit any character you care to create.