You strike your sword against your rounded shield, shouting alongside your legionaries outside the gates of Syracuse. Inside, their people are filled with terror, deafened by your army’s trumpets and noise. Arrows rain down and you and your fellow soldiers form a barrier with your shields.

There is nothing that can stop you. The design of your shield allows you to stand in close formation, advancing on their defenders and dispatching them quickly. Even if an arrow should find its way through the cracks, your Roman Legion armour will keep you entirely protected.


Epic Armoury’s Roman Legion is a flexible plate cuirass inspired by the lorica segmentata worn by the Ancient Roman infantry. The Roman Legion protects the torso and abdomen with overlapping, vertical lamellae. Large pauldrons protect the shoulders and upper arms while providing additional protection to the armpits and upper breast.

Secure the Roman Legion armour by tightening the leather strap across the chest and lacing the leather cord through brass fittings up the front abdomen. Made of polished 1 mm thick mild steel and top-grain leather straps, this armour piece is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.

Available in sizes Medium and Large.


  • Referred to as a lorica segmentata in Latin, used by the Roman Legions
  • Used during the golden age of the Roman Empire
  • Was replaced during the 3rd century due to economic troubles and a fundamental shift in Roman military tactics
  • Typically worn with a spear, large shield, helmet, and sometimes chainmail