The acrid smell of solvent hangs in the air of your lab, mixing with the sweet and tangy perfume of oils and spices. You have been testing a new solution--when did you start? Was it this morning or yesterday? The work has taken such concentration you are uncertain just how long you have been locked away.

The moment of truth is upon you as you feed the pungent potion to your rat. It seems to like the taste, eager for another sample. That is a good sign! To your relief you see the potion's desired effects. The rat begins to shrink.

A job well done, you fill three small vials and place them into your Potion Holder. These might very well come in handy.


Epic Armoury's Potion Holder 3 Piece is a small unnoticeable bag for keeping potions safe while adventuring. The bag is made from tough plated split-leather folded around three small bottles, each capable of holding approximately 5 ml of fluid.

The bottles are held securely by leather pockets preventing them from making contact and breaking during combat or other rough play. Lock the pouch closed by sliding its solid leather strap around the flap and through a leather hoop. The pouch can be attached to a belt via two belt straps fitted with brass studs, and will fit most Epic Armoury belts. For the adventurer who likes his or her healing potions intact, this Potion Holder is an essential part of any kit.

Available in Black and Brown.


  • Alchemy is a protoscience that contributed to modern chemistry and medicine, but unlike modern science, was rooted in mythology, magic, religion, and spirituality
  • Alchemy could theoretically be used to create an Elixir of Life, restoring a person's youth
  • Alchemists believed in four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water