War is all that you know. For your clan, war is a permanent state of being. Just as you need meat to sustain you and leather armour to protect your leathery green skin, war keeps your thirst for chaos and violence sated.

Your clan now gathers to prepare for the war against the goblins. The creatures used to be your allies, but in the last battle they became cowardly and ran. Now there is nothing more to be done than to hunt down every one of them and serve them over your fire.

You begin by putting on your Orc Brute Armour.


Epic Armoury's Orc Brute Armour is an entire armour set designed to give you an orcish appearance. Made from chrome-tanned leather plates strapped together using tough leather, this armour set has great structural strength meant to last a long time and resist deformation. Additionally, felt padding reinforces the armour against the skin to absorb blows. Tribal decorations enhance the look, featuring leather laced edges and black accents riveted to the armour.

Available in Black and Brown, and in One Size.

Orc Brute Greaves

Poleyns, leg guards and sabatons designed to protect the knees, shins and feet during combat. Secure these greaves to your leg using the leather straps around the hamstring, calf and foot.

Orc Brute Bracers

Armguards and gauntlets designed to protect the forearms and hands during combat. Secure this gauntlet to your arm using the leather straps around the arm and hand.

Orc Brute Shoulder Armour

Pauldrons designed to protect the shoulder while making you look intimidating. Secure by tying the split-leather straps around the chest and arm.

Orc Brute Belt w. Tassets

Designed to protect the lower abdomen and hips during combat. Secure this belt to your waist by tying the split-leather straps through brass rings in the front.


  • Earliest references to orcs are found in Old English and Anglo-Saxon sources, such as in Beowulf and in 16th century Italian folktales
  • The word itself stems from the Latin word Orcus, which was the name given to the Roman deity of the dead
  • J.R.R. Tolkien's 20th century The Lord of the Rings series describes orcs as brutish, aggressive beings with a taste for human flesh
  • Tolkien's writings influenced many role-playing games, and are now seen in such games as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Warcraft