You tighten your belt another notch over your Medieval Hose and braies, frowning at the watered-down soup over the fire. It’s been a long winter, and you and your family aren’t sure you’re going to have enough food. As you consider ways you might be able to afford some meat--maybe you can do some work for a merchant in town?--there’s an anxious knock on the door.

“Raiders!” shouts the messenger on your doorstep. “Raiders are coming! Every able person is being called to fight!”

Suddenly an empty belly is the least of your worries.


Epic Armoury’s Medieval Single Hose is a traditional men’s garment worn over one leg and tied at the waist. Made from a wool blend and secured with cotton drawstrings that can be attached to a pair of braies or a belt, the Medieval Single Hose is designed to keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish. With fabric manufactured for its strength, you can also expect these hose to withstand the regular abuse of a LARP or reenactment.

Match your Single Hose with other Epic Armoury coloured hose to create a true 15th century fashion statement. As a versatile garment worn by many social classes, pair these hose with Epic Armoury Braies and Fencing Shirt, and you will have an entire base costume for a Commoner or Knight.

Medieval Single Hose is purchased as individual hose and NOT a pair.

Available in Dark Red, Epic Black, Grey, Maroon, Ocher, and Off-White; and in sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large and X-Large/XX-Large.


  • Historically worn over braies during the Medieval and Renaissance era
  • 15th century hose were often made particolored, having each leg a different color, or even one leg made of two colors
  • The old plural for “hose” was hosen
  • Also referred to as chausses by the French