One of your greatest lessons was learning never to be caught, and it is the person who is always moving who survives. You travel from tavern to barn to abandoned shack, never growing attached or creating ties. You are the wandering adventurer.

Your many travels require a pair of Leather Gaiters designed to make your boots last. You rely on these boots to keep you on your feet! Along with your sword, armour and your skill, you expect that you may yet live to be a wisened old veteran. You certainly have the survival instinct.


Epic Armoury's Leather Gaiters are protective garments designed to be worn over shoes or boots. These knee-high gaiters keep the ankle, shins, calves and the top of the foot safe from treacherous briars or thick mud. Secure them by adjusting the three leather straps at the calf and one strap around the arch of the shoe, making them usable with nearly any size shoe or calf.

Cover your footwear with these gaiters to turn modern shoes into period-appropriate wear that will fit a wide range of characters. Made from chrome-tanned split-leather and reinforced seams around the edges, these gaiters are built to withstand extensive abuse with regular leather care.

Available in colours Black and Brown.


  • Primarily used as protective equipment against underbrush, or to keep mud from entering the boot
  • Historically used for horseback riding to protect the rider's leg from wear