You are the lady everyone adores in court. Always wearing the latest styles, you are looked to as the utmost expert on fashion. It certainly doesn’t help that you are just as charming in personality as you are in appearance! People like you.

Today you stride into court wearing your latest accessory--a beautiful Ladies Vest designed to give you an air of elegance while maintaining comfort. As you expected, all the other ladies must know your tailor’s name. They will likely have their own version by the end of the week.


Epic Armoury’s Ladies Vest is an adorned, sleeveless outer garment with round neck designed to add interest and shape to a lady’s costume. Specifically tailored to the female body, wear this vest with pants or skirt--both look great! Made from a strong and natural wool blend, this 16th century garment curves around the hips before meeting low over the abdomen. A contrasting trim along the edges adds beautiful personality to this vest.

The front of the Ladies Vest is closed with a cotton drawstring, which can be tightened through the brass eyelets secured through a cloth-brace. Further adjust this vest to your individual body-type using the cotton cord lacing on the lower back. The vest is designed to fit on top of other Epic Armoury clothes in order to define your very own style.

Available in colours Dark Grey, Dark Red, and Ocean Blue; and sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.


  • The term vest comes from the French veste (“jacket”), Italian veste (“robe”), and Latin vestis
  • More commonly referred to as a “bodice”
  • Bodices were often stiffened with reeds or whalebone to create a desired shape, and were worn as an outer garment (unlike corsets)