Silence. Perfect silence.

You use the silence as a cloak of armour, masked in the darkness with the help of your Black Kimono, waiting for the perfect opportunity. You ready your throwing knives, ready to launch your deadly attack when the lord finally emerges from inside the keep. One quick flick of your wrist and the lord breathes his last, you knife hitting its mark...and you vanish, leaving their guards bewildered and afraid.


The Epic Armoury Kimono is a traditional Japanese T-shaped robe with ¾ length sleeves made from heavy black cotton and a reinforced collar. Reaching from the shoulders to the upper thighs, this garment is a great base to an Asian-inspired costume. The Kimono is worn by tying the left over the right side, securing its cotton straps located on the inside and outside of the waist. The sleeves hang loose just above the wrists, leaving the hands free and allowing the greatest possible freedom of action.

Fully compatible with Epic Armoury's other Asian styles, the Kimono is a great basis for almost any samurai-inspired character you wish to make - be it honourable warrior or dishonoured thief.

Available in sizes X-Small/Small, Medium/Large and X-Large.


  • A traditional Japanese garment since the 8th century
  • Resembles a Kosode, which is a shorter sleeved kimono worn with a hakama
  • Traditionally secured with a sash tied at the back called an obi
  • Always traditionally tied with the left over the right side, except when dressing the dead