With luck--and some skill--you manage to catch a deer with one of your arrows. You think to yourself that it’s a wonder that some wolf hasn’t already caught such a fat morsel. The beast is not completely dead from your shot, and you quickly give the creature a reprieve with the help of your Hunting Sword.

As you sling the beast’s legs over your shoulder and head home, you expect your own family is going to be thrilled at the wolf’s loss.


Epic Armoury’s Hunting Sword is a latex shortsword designed to serve as both a weapon and a tool. The 38 cm double-edged blade has a centre ridge, and features a saw tooth edge ideal for cutting wood or bone. The crossguard is short, connecting to the pommel with a handguard that protects the 11 cm ergonomic handle wrapped in split-leather.

Made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


  • First dates back to the 12th century, but used through the 19th century
  • Used to finish off game instead of using precious ammunition