You are darkness, you are the night. You are the shadow that slides across the land, making men clutch their swords tighter when the sun has faded.

You are also a practical person. The night's cold breeze is a familiar aspect of your dark work, but you like your warmth and protection. And for that, these Gambeson Arms are perfect beneath your vambraces.


Epic Armoury's Gambeson Arms are a set of quilted cotton vambraces designed to add comfort and protection beneath your armour. Made from quilted cotton canvas lined with a soft polyester interior and a medium cotton outer layer, they can be worn on their own or as padding beneath heavy steel or leather armour. Archers can also benefit from the added protection against bowstrings. Add this comfort without the warmth of a full gambeson shirt, specially designed for a costume without a breastplate and tassets.

The Gambeson Arms are stitched to ensure the padding will remain evenly spaced. Secure them to your arms by tightening the cotton string lacing through brass eyelets up the forearm. Quilted armours were common through many cultures and used across a broad expanse of time. With their neutral style, the Gambeson Arms will work on a wide variety of characters.

Available in One Size.


  • Used as padding under chainmail or plate armour
  • Historically, a high-medieval European gambeson was recorded as being capable of stopping sword blows from penetrating the skin
  • Could stop heavy arrows and mace and axe impacts with the addition of overlaying chainmail