You stand watch from the tower, keeping your guard post even when all appears still and quiet. While the hour is late and it is unlikely that the enemy will attack tonight, it is your duty to keep the camp safe. At the first sign of danger, you are to sound the alarm.

Leaning on your spear, you stifle an exhausted yawn while you warm yourself next to the Roman Fire Pit. You are prepared to wait and to watch for hours, but that does not make you miss your bed any less. Some coffee would be much appreciated.


Epic Armoury's Roman Fire Pit is an easy-to-use and transportable brazier. Featuring good ventilation and high walls to protect the fire and focus the heat, this 30 x 30 x 27 cm box is great for a moderate sized fire. The walls are made from steel, helping to focus the heat up and away from the brazier, making it safer to use.

The Roman Fire Pit includes a moveable grill that fits on the top, great for cooking use. A dish with sloping walls is fitted to the bottom, making removal of ash easy and allowing the fire to draw in fresh oxygen when in use. A large handle bar on top means it can be transported easily between uses.


  • Also referred to as a brazier, which have been recovered from as early as 824 B.C.
  • Braziers were used for light, warmth, cooking, and even some rituals