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Claw Hammer - 55 cm

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The Toolbox Classic

Epic Armoury’s Claw Hammer is a 55 cm foam imitation of an everyday workshop hammer, typically used for driving or pulling nails from wood. Hammers like this have been used since even before the 1600s--specifically seen in an etching from 1514--so it’s perfect for fantasy and modern post-apocalyptic LARPs alike.

Made from foam around an 8 mm solid fibreglass rod and coated in durable latex, this Claw Hammer is safe for your next game or children’s theater production. It is designed to provide only light force to your neighborhood friendly zombie, unlike its metal and wood counterpart.

The Claw Hammer has a 48.5 cm grip, hand painted to look like real wood grain, and a 19 cm head that curves into a V-shaped claw. The head is 5 cm across and is also hand painted with a metal-like finish. While it is great as a carpenter’s prop, we also feel this product works as a great impromptu weapon against radioactive beasts and raiders! It’s always handy to have something like that lying around.

A Woodworker’s Tool

  • This LARP weapon resembles a true, two-piece claw hammer
  • The claw of a real claw hammer is curved and forked to help pull nails from wood
  • A framing hammer is another type of claw hammer similar to this one, with a larger head and straighter claw