You’ve stumbled into a Undead Ball, a party where the dead and mostly dead dance until they fall to pieces. It’s an eerie sight, and you hope that your heart isn’t beating loud enough to be heard as a skeleton in a gown reaches for your hand.

Round and round you spin on the dance floor, afraid for your life should your secret be discovered. It’s like a nightmare from which you cannot wake.


Epic Armoury’s Chandelier 1 Skull is a grisly plastic, but realistically sculpted crossbones chandelier. This product is a great effect to add to your game as a prop or as general atmosphere, and is designed to be hung from the ceiling. Add light bulbs to the four fake candles to create a warm glow similar to the real thing--but without the fire hazard! Handpainted and sculpted with intricate detail, this props looks realistic right down to the individually shaded teeth.

Made from hard plastic, this is not meant to be used as a LARP weapon.


  • The word skull is probably derived from Old Norse skalli, which meant bald