The bracelet reminds you of your childhood village and the family you left behind when you became an adventurer. Your life is complicated and dangerous now. No one expects you to die of old age in your bed.

Yet when you look down at your wrist and see the Bracelet with Beads, you can remember the warm breeze and the comfort of your home the afternoon your mother gave it to you.


Epic Armoury's Bracelet with Beads is a bracelet decorated with five coloured pearls. Made from full-grain leather intricately braided through glass beads, the bracelet is 25 cm long. Secure the bracelet to your wrist by looping the heavy leather knot at one end through a leather hoop at the other.

The Bracelet with Beads is a handsome accessory, and stylish enough to be worn wherever you wish.


  • The term bracelet comes from the Greek word brachile (meaning 'of the arm')
  • Evidence of bracelets in fashion dates back to Ancient Egypt