As an Adventurer, you never know who you might be working for or what beast you'll be sent to dispatch next. There's only one thing for certain: if there's enough money or glory to be had, you're the right person for the job.

On your travels you keep your armour and belongings close by, secure inside your Adventurer Backpack. Along with your weapon and your skill, you expect that you may yet live to be a wisened old veteran. You certainly have the survival instinct.


Epic Armoury's Adventurer Backpack is a framed medium-sized knapsack that can hold up to 20,000 cubic cm (or about 20 liters). Made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, reinforced canvas and soft split-leather, this backpack is designed to evenly distribute weight on the shoulders thanks to its cushioned split-leather straps. The leather has been shaped and stitched to add structure and prevent the bag and straps from deforming with heavy-use. The bag's frame is made of rigid leather sewn together, adjustable on the face with two large straps.

The Adventurer Backpack's leather frame fits around a removable canvas bag, closed with a drawstring and a decorated leather cover fitted with two leather straps. Eight round and D-ring fastenings are fitted on the backpack for additional gear. The practical aspect of the design and the style of the backpack makes it a great accessory anywhere you need a handy knapsack for transporting your gear around without breaking character.

Available in Dark Brown and Brown.


  • Historically used by hunters to carry hunting tools and game
  • Typically made from leather and animal intestines
  • Backpacks were not made a popular fashion choice until the 1950s