An Ancient Warrior

Epic Armoury’s Black Auxiliary Shield is a semi-curved shield taken from the ancient world of Roman legionnaires. Take up your oval shield and prepare to fight beside your fellow soldiers, relying on its 90 cm length to protect against wayward spears and arrows. Convince your friends to get their own and form a devastating shield wall!

The Black Auxiliary Shield is made of EVA foam and is handpainted with a glossy black finish and a metallic rim. The rim is sculpted to look like real iron, complete with small nail heads. The details continues on the backside, with a faux-metal rim around the reinforced punch grip. This grip is 14 cm long and wrapped in suede leather for a comfortable feel that can be used left- or right-handed! Keep your shield in great condition with regular latex maintenance.

Fight in Formation

  • Similar to an early Roman scuta, which was later developed into a rectangular shape
  • The typical oval or rectangular scuta were dramatically concave, which offered a lot of protection while making the use of weapons somewhat difficult due to restricted arm movement
  • The Shield Boss--the round, convex piece of material at the centre of the shield--was used to deflect blows

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